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State warns New Mexicans about deceptive health insurance ads ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — As the deadline for signing up for health insurance quickly approaches, state officials want to make people aware of deceptive ads to be on the lookout for. Open enrollment for health insurance is already well underway. That means if someone is not looking to get insured with an employer, they must sign up through Marketplace by Dec. 15. The deadline for signing up for Medicare is even sooner on Dec. 7. “So during this time of year when people are thinking about, ‘What am I gonna do about my health insurance?’ There are advertisers who step up their advertising on the television, on the radio, on social media. They may send you text messages when you're just browsing the internet,” said Julie Weinberg, with the State Office of the Superintendent of Insurance.  Weinberg said those are the ads to watch out for.

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Binghampton is located on the edge of Midtown and has seen a sudden housing boom in recent years. New apartment complexes and homes are being built and the prices are sky-rocketing especially in West Binghampton. Homes there are selling for 300 to 400,000 dollars. That’s why two years ago a group of residents, including Cruz and community stakeholders, got together to start the Binghampton Community Land Trust. They acquired land to keep in a trust to ensure affordable housing and make sure residents aren’t priced try what she says out of their own communities. “When we sell it, we lease out the land and you purchase the structure and the house and by automatically taking away this price tag of land you kind of give the land a discount for whatever the house is worth,” said Cruz. That’s exactly what’s going to happen on the 2300 block of Oxford Avenue. The community trust will hold a groundbreaking for their first home early next month. Cruz sees it as a way to approach the affordable housing crisis in Memphis.